About Swedish Shop

The idea to start import Swedish food items to Australia came from a girl from Stockholm that decided to live in beautiful Cairns in Far North Queensland. The contrast between the two places on opposite sides of the planet could not be greater. The only thing missing to make it the perfect place on earth was a range of the Swedish flavours, which at the time almost didn’t exist north of Ikea in Brisbane.

Swedish Shop officially started at 2010-10-10.
The business idea is to import and spread the Scandinavian Flavours around Australia.

The the first pallet of products arrived in January 2011. The
Swedish Shop is operating as retail via this website sending products to private consumers all around Australia.

From August 2011 Swedish Shop also operates as Wholesale in the hope of spreading the Swedish flavours to shelves in stores around Australia close to consumers. (see “stores around Australia for further information) We are always looking for more stores who might be interested to have Swedish products on their shelves.  

The 21st of February 2013, Cafe Fika and Swedish Shop opened up with a small ceremony in the new facilities on 111-115 Grafton Street. (See " Cafe Fika" For more information)


Swedish Shop is and will always be keeping ears open to suggestions of all kinds. Do you have a favourite product from Sweden or from any other Scandinavian country that you really miss? Do you know of an event that you think Swedish Shop should come and participate in? Do you know of a retail store that you wish Swedish shop would contact to see if they are interested to put Swedish products on their shelfs?

Do not hesitate to flick an email and make your voice heard! We promise to dive in to any suggestion and see where it might lead!