Freight and other questions how to order Swedish Products

How do I order?
Send us an email to let us know what items you are interested in purchasing. Please make sure to leave an accurate email address and if you want to give us your number we are happy to take it and use it if we need to.

How much will the freight cost me?
When we know where you live and what you wish to purchase we will be able to give a quote of freight. Without that information we can not answer the question.... (how big is a box?)

What happens after I emailed?
You will receive an email as a confirmation that we have taken your request, then send you a quote of the total cost. Once the invoice has been payed, we will send the items as we have agreed. 

How long will it take before I get my order?
Well, depends on where you live. We can send express post but it still, it really depends on where you live.

How do I pay?
Internet banking is by far the easiest option.  It is also possible to make a payment from your bankoffice.  

Internet banking details are as following: (will also be printed on your invoice with your reference number)

Name: Swedish Shop

Suncorp BSB: 484-799

Account number 602 718 766

Please write your reference number under references.

Can I pay with Credit card?
Yes, you can , but we really do need to take take details over the phone, never email us (or anyone else) your credit card details.

Can I make an order with friends and get separate invoices?
Yes! Not a problem at all, please specify who wants to pay for what when you place the order.

I don’t live in Cairns, is it possible to order refrigerated products?
Well, yes and no. Depending on where you live and the type of product. Herring for example, have been sent from Cairns to Mackay and even down to Melbourne with great success; however, there is off course a risk it turns in to the fermented version.

If you wish to order any frozen or refrigerated products, please download the following document and send with your order.

What happens if my parcel gets lost or destroyed?
Yes, sometimes it happens even how well we pack och plan. We are sending with options that are trackable so that no parcel has so far never been completly lost. We can either re send or give you a credit if stock arrives damaged. BUT - for example, Sending chocolate in summertime with snailmail is not recommended, so if you still choose to do so, the risk of eating a non perfect looking chocolate bar is all on you. . . 

Just a bit of something to think about in regards to freight and parcels....

A large 5 kg parcel has a certain dimention. Even if 10 OLW chipsbags would weigh less than 5 kg , they will still not be able to squeeze in to the parcel.


Sending refrigerated items sent by Australia Post Express, we really really wish that you provide us with an address where someone will be able to receive the parcel on delivery. This saves the products from sitting extra time in a post office! Within Queensland they should deliver the day after, rest of Australia 2 days as a minimum, Perth has been proven not to be able to order any chilled items due to too long delivery times.



5 kg satchel $12.50 to major cities
3 kg satchel $11.00 to major cities


Australia Post

Australia Post has a number of options and Swedish Shop is happy to send packages whichever way you prefer.

Pre-paid post parcels come in three sizes. It is possible to put fragile items in boxes and place inside the parcel and Swedish Shop pack every order with extra tender love and care.

One example to consider is that even if you order two bags of Cheese doodles that have a total weight of 500g, the items are together to bulky to send in the parcel that holds up to 500g.

Depending on the order, sometimes if might be better value to send in envelope or as a box.

Standard parcel takes 2-5 days to deliver anywhere in Australia and the pricing are as following,

Up to 500g $8.25

Up to 3 kg $13.40

Up to 5 kg 17.10

Reservations for that history shows that packages sent certain times of the year have taken up to four weeks before arriving to its destination.

Australia Post also have a parcel service that goes Express where they promise delivery the day after, however, some destinations can take up to 2 days. Prices for express delivery are as follow.  

Up to 500 g,  $10.55

Up to 3 kg, $14.80

Up to 5 kg, $24.15

Mailman via Officeworks
10 kg box $20.00 to major cities