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Välkommen - Welcome to the Swedish Shop - Swedish Food in Australia

Our Vision is to spread Swedish Flavours to Down under and we send products daily and all over Australia. 

Swedish Coffee
If you are in Cairns you can pop in for a KOPP KAFFE in pure Swedish. We are now producing our own dark roast coffee, a mix of Kenyan and Brazilian Arabica beans and an exact copy of a Swedish coffee called Skånerost. 
(see under drinks for more info)


 Freight options Swedish Shop     

To send an order, email us via this website and we will send you an invoice, when paid we post to address given to you! 
Payment options are via
Paypal , credit card or direct debit 

If you wish to place an order, you need to send us an email to

 [email protected]

or go via the contact form here on the website.
Please note that long messages left on the website might show up completely empty but we will get your email address and take it from there.

We look forward to hear from you!

Cafe Fika - Proud to present the Scandinavian flavours here in the tropics! 

Swedish Shop imports and Cafe Fika creates! We bake everything in house and prepare all food the Swedish classic way, often with help of the Swedish imported products combined with locally produced and caught products.

For more information about our Cafe selection, click Cafe Fika to the right on the top menu!

Documents for download

If you wish to order refrigerated items, please download this file and email to us, We do send kaviar, brown cheese and much more, however we are not happy to send herring because of the glass jars.

Please also note that sometimes it is hard to keep up with items selling out, updates happens as often as possible. 
to place an order contact us via the website or send an email to maria@swedishshop.com.au


111-115 Grafton Street
Monday -Friday 7am-4pm
Saturdays 9am-2pm 

The Swedish Shop is an importing business since 2010, growing from an online business to move in to a shop on Grafton Street, Diagonally from the Cinema.

The Swedish Shop is a grocery store focusing on food & beverage imports from the Scandinavian countries. The store holds well-known brands and stocks a wide range of food items, snacks, condiments, chocolates and much more.

In the same facilities, Café Fika is proud to present a new flavours to the café scenery in Cairns. With their own pastry chef, all sweets and treats are made in house daily, as well as seafood, meats and sandwiches they are all prepared with traditionally Swedish flavours, often with help of the imported products.

Swedish Shop imports, Café Fika creates - together they present the taste of Scandinavia and welcomes everyone with a curious pallet to come and try a slice of Sweden in the tropics!

Found on Grafton Street diagonally from the Cinema, open 6 days a week. “

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